My current paintings are based on the idea that we are existing in multiple realities and an objective reality and a fictional reality, (the objective reality consist of nature and the things based on natural law the fictional reality is everything that exists only in human minds) and the idea that both have been robbed from us, much like Nietzsche said we are prisoners of a grammar invented at an early stage in human evolution we are also prisoners of cultures and ideologies invented in these early stages. we are born into a world that was created long before us and then are taught rules for living in that world, there was no choice. from the beginning humans have been making up stories to deal with everything from nature to mental illness, as these stories became more complex and our lives started to depend more on these things we forgot that we made it all up and that it has always been changing , as long as you could change stories you could change peoples fictional realities.The objective reality we could never control, recently science has made it possible to alter the weather and change our genes, the line between these two realities becomes more and more blurred and peoples lives more dependent on things that aren’t “real”, our fictional realities have robbed us the freedom that was once ours by nature and forces you to play a part,these fictions have become a prison that we take for absolute truths as if there were no other ways for societies to function i believe we are much more like children playing pretend than gods ruling the world but with more technology humans have gained more power and so has the belief in these fictions and the lack of respect for nature, what was once the only reality on the planet.

My paintings are an escape from having to make sense of things- my thoughts and opinions having to be morally or culturally correct , to see the objective reality clearly without getting lost in fictional realities because i can see them for what they are, made up stories much like a painting.i believe our fictional realities,our cultures our societies and ourselves should be taken much more lightly,this is often perceived as dark or cold but i aim to show that there is freedom in finding humor even in things we think to be sacred. there is no need to fight to defend fictions and there is no need to destroy our resources to maintain an illusion of luxury. i create worlds of my own where there is no line between whats real and what isn’t, where objects figures are free from there usual limitations sometimes i leave things in a state of becoming to free them even from form i try to show this by using a method where i allow the underpainting and multiple layers to show while use varying styles and overlapping images to emphasis this also represents the multiple layers of reality and how they work together to form our experience,this allows the viewer to make it whatever they want it to be in their minds, to also free them from being told what to think or how to see things.